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Renewable Energy


Keystone Renewable Energy is headquartered in Singapore to accelerate the global transition to net zero by spearheading offshore renewable energy related developments. By optimizing the renewables value chain both technically and commercially from a very early stage, Keystone Renewable pull together the right combination of technical and commercial tools to provide execution certainty for developers and investors around the world.

Keystone Renewable is currently focusing on the following sectors: 

Geothermal 3.jpg

Geothermal Resources


Keystone Renewable is working with world renowned R&D facilities and also various industrial leaders to develop a feasible multilevel utilization of geothermal energy. Our research works also involve the production of green hydrogen and carbon storage. 

Ocean Energy


Ocean energy refers to all forms of renewable energy derived from the sea, such as wave, tidal, ocean thermal etc. 

Together with our experienced partners, Keystone Renewable is currently focusing on a prototype ocean energy harvesting design. 

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